Hawaii Works Best When We Do

Across state and county government, HGEA members are doing more with less. With upwards of 40 percent of positions unfilled in some departments, our members are putting in heroic efforts to keep Hawaii running. “Hawaii Works Best When We Do" is HGEA's new awareness campaign in response to the worsening vacancy crisis.

The benefits and pay of government jobs were once seen as competitive. Not anymore. Benefit packages in the private sector have caught up. This is why we included a call to action to state and county officials. It's time that wages and benefits reflect the essential work of our public employees.

Check out our current list of campaign assets below with some links to social platforms for sharing. There's more to come as we build on this campaign.

TV Ads

Teppanyaki :30

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Radio Ads

Hawaii Works Best When We Do :30

Hawaii Works Best When We Do :15

Digital and Print Ads