Become an HGEA Retiree

Even when you are retired, you still need a union — to protect your public pension, to improve your retirement benefits, and to help elect government officials who understand the needs of retired public employees. That is why HGEA established the Retirees Unit and why we're urging you to join our ranks when you retire!

The HGEA Retirees Unit is composed of over 9,500 retired county and state government employees. As the largest government retirees organization in the state, we are affiliated with AFSCME (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees), our "watchdog" at the Federal level. Together we lobby Congress, appeal to state legislators and even fight City Hall, in the effort to preserve and enhance our social security, pension and health care benefits. We also encourage all willing members to get involved with the political campaigns of candidates that are endorsed by HGEA, as they will fight to ensure our hard-earned retirement.

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Events & Activities

To view the wide range of fun and exciting Retiree events and activities statewide, click here for the HGEA events calendar. Or call the Retirees Unit at (808) 543-0054. You can also find out about upcoming events through the Ho‘olaha, the Retirees Unit's bi-monthly newsletter.

Contact Us

HGEA Staff
Mahie Trask, (808) 543-0090,
Tammy Tanouye, (808) 543-0054,
Or for more information, please email

State Board of Directors:
President: Ethel Fleming
Vice President: Ava Kridler
Secretary: Steven Criss
Treasurer: Timothy Albao

Hawaii island Chapter Officers
President: Ruth Walker
Vice President: Winston Towata
Secretary: Florence Ikeda
Treasurer: Victoria Calika 

Kauai Island Chapter Officers
President: Thomas Oi
Vice President: Timothy Albao
Secretary: Carol Saiki
Treasurer: Priscilla Badua

Maui Island Chapter Officers
President: Steven Criss
Vice President: Sharon Char
Secretary/Treasurer: Francene Aarona 

Oahu Island Chapter Officers
President: Ava Kridler
Vice President: Brenda White
Secretary: Yolanda Faria
Treasurer: Jean Arakaki