Staff Directory

HGEA has offices in Honolulu, Hilo, Wailuku and Lihue, and is run by a skilled and professional staff who provides quality representation and membership services to those in the union’s nine bargaining units, as well as Associate members (composed primarily of retirees, other state and county employees and officials, and federal and private sector employees). The staff is headed by Executive Director Randy Perreira, who was appointed in January 2008 and is the fifth executive director to lead HGEA since its founding in 1934.

Office of the Executive Director

Randy Perreira, Executive Director 543-0011
Debra Kagawa-Yogi, Deputy Executive Director - Field Services 543-0003
Shannon Hayashida, Executive Secretary 543-0012
Antonette Sakamoto​, Private Secretary to the Deputy Executive Director - Field Services 543-0013
Joan Gallagher, Union Agent for MCEC 543-0020
Sanford Chun, Executive Assistant for Field Services 543-0070

Field Services


Member Service Center/Advocacy

Stacy Moniz, Advocacy Chief 543-0055
Margie Abe, Executive Administrative Assistant 543-0067

Scott Collins, Field Services Officer 543-0085
Ben Oliver, Union Agent 543-0053
Christina Kapu, Union Agent 543-0062
Erin Kamakaiwi, Union Agent 543-0082
Jayson Fukumoto, Union Agent 543-0036,
Jesse Sliva, Union Agent 543-0086
Kainua Hopkins, Union Agent 543-0034
Lydia Fatutoa, Union Agent 543-0045
Melanie Pugay, Union Agent 543-0056
Maile Tupouniua, Member Service Center Technician 543-0094

Field Outreach

Joy Bulosan, Field Services Officer 543-0057
Chad Ngai, Field Services Officer 543-0042
Alison Badua-Bohner, Union Agent 543-0039
Claire Ancheta, Union Agent 543-0092   
Donny Utu, Union Agent 543-0038
Jermel Anderson, Union Agent 543-0044 j
John Higgins, Union Agent 543-0031
Kauanui Sabas, Union Agent 543-0083
Shyanne Teruya, Union Agent 543-0084
Tom Tsuhako, Union Agent 543-0048
Wes Tufaga, Union Agent 543-0081
Joy Kuwabara, Field Services Consultant 543-0078
Cyndee Hata, Field Support/Consultation Specialist 543-0033
John Foy, Member Benefits Specialist 543-0046
Matthew Reiter, Education & Training Specialist 543-0089
Wesley Aki, Member and Community Engagement Specialist 543-0088


Audrey Kahawai-Kekipi, Union Agent 961-0764
Shyann Davis, Union Agent 961-0762
Solette Perry, Union Agent 961-0767
Bernice Goodness-Viveiros, Field Services Technician 961-0765    


Toni Rust, Division Chief 243-4464
Charity Sadang, Union Agent 243-4462
Todd Watkins, Union Agent 243-4463
Jennie Aruda, Office Secretary 243-4460     


Christopher Nii, Division Chief 241-5368
Brennen Carvalho, Union Agent 241-5361
Joni Taba, Field Services Technician 241-5360      

Administration Services


Brannagan Mukaisu, Senior Communications Specialist 543-0024

Financial Services

Maureen Wakuzawa, Financial Officer 543-0041
Paula Kobayashi, Assistant Controller 543-0032
Joni Yamamoto, Accounting Specialist 543-0037
Jeri Lono, Lead Fiscal Services Technician 543-0065
Editha Domingo, Fiscal Services Technician 543-0021
Sheryl Wong, Account Technician 543-0068
Margaret Brash, Fiscal Services Assistant 543-0072

Human Resources

Stephanie Ching, Human Resources Manager 543-0007

Information Technology

Everett Inamasu, Information Technology Manager 543-0015 
Kanani Naauao, Information Technology Specialist 543-0025  


Michele Kurihara-Klein, Legislative Officer 543-0093

Office Services

Nate Wong, Office Services Specialist 543-0064
James Oshiro, Print Shop Technician 543-0026

Retirees Unit

Mahie Trask, Retirees Unit Administrator 543-0090
Tammy Tanouye, Office Secretary 543-0054      

AFSCME - Hawaii Area

Elizabeth Ho, Area Field Services Director 543-0022
Iris Chun, Secretary 543-0004  
Bronson Silva, Union Agent 543-0023