Bennett T. Yap

Unit 13 Director

Why are you running for office?

I have gained valuable experience and knowledge serving as your Unit 13 State Board Director and HGEA Treasurer for the last 20 months. I would like to continue to serve you, my fellow peers and co-workers, as HGEA moves forward protecting our rights and benefits.


What are your goals?

Continue to help improve member awareness of HGEA services and to increase member involvement and membership. I will continue to fight for our rights and benefits that we currently have and earned.


  • Current HGEA Treasurer
  • Current Unit 13 Board of Director
  • Current Unit 13 Negotiation Team member
  • Active member for 22 years
  • Active union Steward for 19 years
  • Delegate to 9 HGEA General Assemblies
  • State Recreation Coordinator for 12 years
  • Oahu Unit 13 OlD Treasurer (2006-2007)
  • IT Specialist for the Department of Labor for 25 years