Danny de Gracia

Unit 13 Director

Why are you running for office?

HGEA members are the backbone of Hawaii and deserve higher pay, better benefits, and a retirement worthy of their sacrifices. Rapid costs of living have caused civil service employees to put on hold their dreams just to make ends meet. I want to fight for your future!


What are your goals?

Increase all salaries by an additional $15,000 per year; 100% dental, vision, and healthcare coverage for active members with no out-of-pocket cost; Demand the State build new parking lots to offer employees free parking; Push the Legislature to offer free tuition for one degree at UH; Fix ERS retirement funds.


  • Health Policy, Communications, and Planning Office Program Specialist
  • Doctorates in Theology and Ministry
  • Master of Arts and Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Public Administration
  • Internationally published author and novelist, featured on BBC News, NY Times, USA Today, Washington Times
  • Former Hawaii State House of Representatives Committee Clerk