Jackie Ferguson-Miyamoto Template


Why are you running for office?

The next 2 years will not be business as usual for HGEA. Republicans dominate the “Hill’’ and are crafting “Right-To-Work” legislation that they hope will wipe out “Union Power” across the nation. HGEA needs strong, loyal, experienced leaders who will work hard to maintain our unions resiliency.

What are your goals?

Encourage and promote non-members to join HGEA and become participating members, Develop leaders who will commit to promoting our unions Vision and Mission. Educate the membership about the important role HGEA plays in the member’s ability to provide a high quality of life for their families, Maintain fiscal solvency.



  • President of HGEA
  • Negotiating Team member since 1983
  • Trustee since 1996 - Employees Retirement System
  • Trustee/Chair HGEA Staff Retirement System
  • Vice-President — Hawaii State AFLCIO
  • Vice Chair — Hawaii Democratic Party Labor Caucus
  • Chair Legislative/Administrative Committee HIERS
  • Presiding Officer of General Assembly 2016


  • 1st women elected President of HGEA — 1995. Again in 2009 and 2015.
  • Positions previously worked on the Board of Directors: Vice President,
    Treasurer, PAC Chair, Charter & Bylaws Chair, Incentive Committee Chair,
    Secretary, Oahu—At—Large Director.