Joseph V. Bonin

Unit 13 Director


Why are you running for office?

Post Janus we need to focus on improving the service and product we provide to our members. I’ve decided to take this next step in order to help drive that forward.

What are your goals?

A board of any organization needs to be run as businesslike as possible, setting aside personal issues. Therefore my goal is to provide the most prudent and objective input to the running of our union I can.


  • U.S. Marines 1990-1995
  • Maui County Police Officer ‘95—’99
  • BA Psychology HPU
  • Steward Since 2007
  • Contract Negotiations “11-13 & “13-’17 Contracts
  • OlD Board of Directors 2011-2013
  • Chair OlD E&T Committee, Current Term