Sililo (Junior) Pale

Unit 3 Director


Why are you running for office?

Being a voice for the members is my priority. I will be the advocate for members to find answers to their questions about their Union so that HGEA is ready to support its members with good representation. I want to move HGEA forward by opening communication.


What are your goals?

As a Bargaining Unit 3 Director, I will fight for transparency and good communication so that members rights in the workplace are upheld. I want to make sure that all members work in fair and honest workplaces, have job security with pay increases, vacation and sick leave, and medical insurance.


  • HGEA, AFSCME Local 152, Bargaining Unit 3, 4 years
  • HGEA DOE Unit 3 Agency Council Member, 2 years
  • ILWU, Local 142, Chairman, 10 years
  • ILWU, Local 142 Member, 20 years
  • Pac-Five Intermediate Head Football Coach, 2 years
  • Pac-Five Varsity Football Coach, 30 years
  • Manoa Youth Baseball Coach, 6 years
  • P.A.L. Basketball Coach, 3 years
  • Roosevelt High School Project Graduation Volunteer