Valerie A Alatasi

Unit 3 Director


Why are you running for office?

I want to help HGEA & AFSCME to be bigger & better. They do so much to help us. So I want to get involve as much as I can. I also want tot help Maui. There is a lot to see & learn. The Board of Directors are so helpful & informative. I will do what it takes to help with any project.


What are your goals?

I would love to help with projects of anything that needs it. I just started. It so interesting. But I would love to learn more. I was a Girl Scout Leader & Boy Scouts Den Leader. I also did a lot on fundraising. I want to help HGEA with making the union be stronger.


  • President for PTA
  • In charge of bazars 
  • Did fundraising for SAS, pop warner athletics
  • Girl & Boys Scout Leader 14 years
  • Ran concessions - years
  • Joined Unit 3 - 2009
  • PAC Committee 03 - 2015
  • Doing Board of Directors - 4 months